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Left at the Valley 2.0

A place where skeptics meet

Left at the Valley was inspired by the documentary "The Corporation" by Joel Bakan and was started in 2014 by Kevin. It is a podcast and YouTube show about life as an atheist, as seen through the eyes of humanists who also happen to be skeptics. 

Over the years there have been many hosts and has become the show you love to hate! Join us weekly as we laugh, joke and get serious when we have to. Every week we have our normal weekly segments. Kevin likes to keep us up to date on what is happening in the world today, which we discuss during chit chat. Sabrina (and sometimes Kevin too) tries to make you laugh with her top 10 list of the week. Benjamin never fails to amaze us with his segment called "Things that Make you go HMMM" where we discuss really strange things people (and sometimes animals) do. And last (but definitely not least!) Brently entertains us with "Another Brilliant Moment, brought to you by religion", a segment where we laugh and make fun of the things people do, in the name of religion. 

After a short break, we come back with our weekly guest. We discuss anything and everything with people in the atheist community about what they are passionate about. One week we could be discussing abortion law with Andrew Torrez and the next week we could be talking to Aron Ra about the Whitewashing of history. We have something for everyone, so check us out and, please, stay a while!

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