About us

We're passionate about facts...

 Left at the Valley (LATV) started out as an idea with Kevin while attending a meeting of the Fraser Valley Atheist, Skeptics and Humanists (FVASH). At a coffee meet in Abbotsford BC, located in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver BC, Canada; the idea was thrown that maybe an audio podcast for a Canadian atheist group would be a good platform to make our voice heard in a medium all too often dominated by American shows.

LATV started sheepishly in the basement of  house where original hosts Kevin Francis and Karen Wooten, neither of them knowing pretty much anything about radio, podcasting, equipment and interviewing. And it showed; those first couple (years) episodes were rather brutal. But we have evolved and hope you enjoy listening to our show as much as we enjoy recording it!

Meet the crew


The original host of LATV in 2014.

The French Canadian is well known for his love of puns and dad jokes and he hopes the podcast can make a small dent of positive in a demon haunted world. He likes to promote other creators, rising tide lifts all ships. 

The podcast has been quite the adventure for him and has changed his life drastically


Brently was raised heavily indoctrinated, homeschooled, church every day kind of life, growing up. Podcasts snapped him out of it, specifically comedy podcasts. He decided to try to help as many people out as possible or just do his best to make anyone smile as much and as often as he can. Co host of Unapologetix and the Unapologetix panel stream on YouTube.


Benjamin was raised Mormon but figured out that was nonsense during his teenage years. The epic beard came later and is currently 87.6% of his personality 


Sabrina was raised in a mostly non-religious home, but did go to Sunday School and Youth Group until her early teens. Atheism and religion in general were not a big part of her life until she met Kevin in 2020 and it  was all downhill from there. She agreed to be a co host on Left at the Valley and that has morphed into editing videos, building websites and managing the YouTube Channel as well as co hosting on Unapolgetix Panel Stream on YouTube. Don't tell anyone, but she wouldn't change it for the world.