July and August 2021

The Deconversion of Nathan Brown

August 29, 2021

The crew chats with friend of the show Nathan Brown about his journey through religion and a cult at the hands of his manipulative father. His story is one of perseverance, courage and hope.
Kevin gives us a top 10 of Hurricanes
Benjamin talks about a fight over a porn collection
and Brentley has more ramblings from a mad preacher in Another Brilliant Moment... 

A discussion with Roy Dahl of the Native Press

August 22, 2021

The crew is joined by Roy Dahl of the Native Press. His story as a First Nations man is one of survival, hope and ultimately service to the greater community. In our pursuit to tell the story of what Indigenous people went through, his testimony is a must listen.

Kevin gives us a top 10 of expensive things
And Brent talks about a pilot who goes way to far in his preaching 

Meet Black Satanist Steve Hill

August 15, 2021

Aspiring politician and activist Steve Hill takes us on his journey into Satanism. He is a dedicated fighter trying his best to create a better world for his community and running for congress.

Sabrina does another petty top 10
Benjamin finds bowling balls inside the walls of a house
and Brently gives us more "swishy Lady" Kat Kerr news  

Atheism in the UK with John Richards

August 8, 2021

John Richards, newly elected president of Atheism UK takes us through the differences in the fight atheists in the UK vs North America. 

Sabrina does another list of petty pranks, Benjamin gives us a story of the FBI seizing Lego Blocks and Brent talks about Kent Hovin being in trouble, again 

Interview with a Pastafarian

August 1, 2021

Our first Pirate! Dread Pyrate Higgs joins the show to tell us about Pastafarian and how his holy noodle will bless you. 

Sabrina does another petty top 10
Brent talks about Hobby Lobby
and Kevin gives you an Eel remedy for curing constipation 

Talking Hinduism with Ravi, an ex-Hindu

July 25, 2021

Ravi, an ex-Hindu now turned atheist explains Hinduism to the crew. Along with guest host Benjamin, we explore this little known religion in North America

Sabrina gives us a list of original ways to quit your job and Brent goes into a shitty affair in the church

Discussing Abortion Law with Andrew Torrez

July 18, 2021

Lawyer extraordinaire Andrew Torrez of Opening Arguments joins us to discuss the absolute scary path the US is undertaking to stop women's rights. This is an absolute MUST listen

Sabrina does a top 10 of inspirational First Nations people and Brent tackles a christian pastor's plan to exploit Covid-19

The Godless Heathens on LATV

July 11, 2021

The Godless Heathens join the LATV crew and hilarity ensues. Everything from atheism to squirrels go in the blender

Kevin gives a list of weird religious traditions and Brent warns us that the vaccine will take your bible away, well according to christians 

The Deconversion of Katherine Roberts

July 4, 2021

Ex Pentecostal pastor Katherine Roberts joins us for her story of deconversion. You'll love her charm and zest for life.

Kevin does a list of things you might not know about the US in honour of July 4th
Brent gives us christians against the equality act
and we continue supporting first Nations with testimonies of those affected by residential schools