March and April 2021

Neil the 604 Atheist

April 25, 2021

Local atheist phenomenon Neil the 604 atheist joins the show to talk about what drives his YouTube Channel. 

Old co-host Scott Flynn resurfaces to join us on the show, Sabrina does another This Day in History and Brent talks about a deranged popular pastor's theory about zionists

I am the parent of a Transgender Child

April 18, 2021

Brad Dirks, AKA Papa Bear joins us to discuss the story of his support for his Transgender son. His story is touching and a good example to follow for friends of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sabrina brings us another This Day in History
Kevin talks about the cult of the late Prince Phillip and Brent bashes the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell 

CORT 2021 and Religious Trauma with Janice Selbie

April 11, 2021

Janice Selbie, Director of CORT 2021 and therapist joins us to talk about her apostacy and her work to bring religious trauma in the forefront of medical science. Her story is very human and amazing.

QAnon and Sex Purity with Dr Darrel Ray

April 4, 2021

The great Dr Darrel Ray joins us to discuss Covid, QAnon and christian sex purity on human sexuality
His insights are fantastic and relatable. 

Kevin gives us Easter facts
Brent talks about evangelism and we have a guest Host and listener of the show: Darryl Goossen 

The Other gospels with David Fitzgerald

March 28, 2021

The incredible David Fitzgerald returns to discuss the much lesser known Christian gospels. Why didn't they make the cut? You'll find out just how outrageous and even perverse the story of Jesus could get.

Sabrina gives a top 10 of April fool's pranks and Brent talks about a school teacher preaching her faith in class despite it being against the law 

All Things Soupy with Amy from Secular Soup

March 21, 2021

Amy with a Y from Secular Soup joins us to discuss her podcasts and of course the conversation derides into feminism and cancel culture. Can Kevin and Amy bury the war they've had? Find out!
Sabrina does a top 10 about honey bees
and Brent talks about christians believing farts killed off the dinosaurs 

Talking Philosophy with Robert Stanley

March 14, 2021

Robert Stanley of the Right to Reason podcast joins the crew to discuss Philosophy. Do we need it? Is it useful? What is the future of philosophy? Robert will give us his opinion.

Sabrina gives us a top 10 of Covid spare time trends
Brent talks about Arkansas trying to push creationism
and we laugh at the latest craze for gun lovers: gun nuts 

The Utah Outcasts with X

March 7, 2021

The crew chats with X; co-host of the Utah Outcasts and Outcast X about his message, his beginnings and where we are going as atheists in Utah.
Sabrina talks about top 10 Canadian women of history and Brent makes us laugh with the Bobble-head prophetess.

The Problem with Pseudoscience with Dr Ben Davis

February 28, 2021

Returning champion Dr Ben Davis returns to chat with the crew about pseudoscience; how to avoid it, debunk it and fight it. 

Sabrina does a top 10 on covid lies and myths and Brent gives us another brilliant moment brought to you by religion 

Left at the Valley is BACK!

After almost one year, Left at the Valley is back... with a new crew but the same wacky energy! Join us as we explore secularism, atheism and humanism in the post-covid era