November and December 2021

Ending the Year with Tom and Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance

December 18, 2021 

The crew ends the year with none other than TOM & CECIL of Cognitive Dissonance and Citation Needed as they bring their trademark humour. After some shenanigans, the crew incapacitates Kevin for the interview but take on the role themselves very well.

The episode speaks for itself, have fun and happy holidays!

The Threat of Christian Dominionism with Dr Clint Heacock

December 11, 2021 

Dr Clint Heacock returns to talk to the crew about the very threat of Christian Dominionism. What can we and should we do about the relentless march of christians towards their goal of world domination?

Sabrina does a story on a weird beauty pageant

Hertzy talks about the fox Christmas tree burning down 

Brently talks about a christian fanatic who thinks everyone should have nuclear weapons

Meet A Future Biologist, Spencer Kreutz

December 5, 2021

Future biologist, Spencer Kreutz, joins us and shares his passion for conservation and hunting as a young man. He has a bright future in the field of science and we can confidently say he will lead the charge against climate change

Sabrina does a top 10 on species at risk

Benjamin talks about an out of control money truck

Hertzy does her first of many new segment called Bigot of the week

and Brently talks about Robin Bullock comparing tithe money to circumcisions???

Yeah, we were all confused about that one too

Meet our New Co-Host Hertzey Hertz, plus The Baloney Detection Kit

November 28, 2021

The crew is joined by a new member: Hertzey Hertz, we expect great things from her in the future


Sabrina does a top 10 of most popular 90's movies

Brently has another Kat Kerr ridiculous moment

and Kevin tells us the true story about his Sasquatch encounter, can you use the baloney detector kit to arrive to the truth of it?

Is Nuclear Energy Safe? With Dr. ben Davis

November 21, 2021

Our favorite nuclear physicist returns; Dr. Ben Davis comes on the show to discuss the future of energy and why we shouldn't shy away from nuclear power as a source

Sabrina does a top 10 about love

Benjamin discovers a huge spud

and Brently talks about conservative outrage at the Muppets